Images from the pages of al-Funun
An Epigraph was published in nearly every issue of al-Funun. Typically, it appeared before the Table of Contentís page. The artist of this epigraph was Heinrich Vogeler, a German illustrator, who first published it in 1900 for a German monthly titled: "Die Insel" (The Island), which explains the motive on the right side of the epigraph. His work resembles the work attributable to either Kahlil Gibran or Ephraim Moses Lilien that also appeared in the journal. Gibranís pictorial work is well-known among Arab-American scholars; however, al-Funun depended upon other artists too, in order to provide its readers with a diverse sample of artistic work. 

The text within the left-hand box changed each time that al-Funun reappeared after an interruption; however, the main emphasis of the text was the same, that al-Funun would publish the best literature and art available to it.

Admittedly, in the beginning of its life, a prominent number of foreign translations appeared within al-Funun; yet, their number lessened as a greater number of Arab-American writers, such as Mikhail Naimy, Kahlil Gibran, William Catzeflis, Amin Mushriq and Amin al-Rihani began to contribute original works to the journal.

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