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Title Pages were used in every issue of al-Funun during its lifetime. Three different forms of a title page appeared from 1913 until 1918. Each one was associated with a specific volumn of the journalís three runs i.e., April 1913-Dec. 1918, June 1916-May 1917 and August to November 1917-May to August 1918. On each of the title pages were listed the names of the journalís editor and co-editor. Nasib had three different ďco-editorsĒ over the lifetime of al-Funun. They were Nazmi Nasim, Raghib Mitraj and Mikhail Naimy. Of the three co-editors to al-Funun, Raghib Mitraj remained the longest and arguably did the most as a partner to Nasib to sustain the life of al-Funun, using his own money to finance the journalís expenses. Nazmi Nasim began al-Funun with Nasib in 1913, however, after three issues he left the journalís administration to pursue personal matters. As for Naimy, he helped revive al-Funun after it had ceased publication due to financial difficulties by assuming responsibility for its incorporation project; however, even before the second issue appeared that he helped administrate, he was on a train headed towards basic training, having been drafted into the U.S. Army. 
Title Page, al-Funun 3, no. 5 (May 1917)
Title Page
Kahlil Gibranís flame motif appeared on the title pages of the third volume. This was the time of his participation with the American literary journal ďThe Seven Arts.Ē The design he submitted to the editor of The Seven Arts was similar to the one that al-Funun published above, unfortunately, it was not accepted. The design that did appear in The Seven Arts was of a walking, male figure with an outstreched hand raised upwards. 

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