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  The Magazine "al-Funun"
(The Arts: 1913-1918) 
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  The journal al-Funun began publication April of 1913. It represents the fulfillment of its editor and publisher Nasib Aridahís dream of publishing a literary journal in Arabic devoted to the promotion of new forms of literature for the Arabic-speaking world.

Previous to al-Funun, no other Arabic journal devoted itself as exclusively to the literary and visual arts.

Included here are the Table of Contents for all 29 editions of al-Funun over the course of its lifetime from 1913 to 1918.  In addition, al-Fununís special edition dedicated to the “Crisis in Syria” is presented below to give the reader a better impression of what al-Funun looked like and what it attempted to accomplish with Arabic literature and the Arab-American community.

al-Fununís October 1916 Special Edition:

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