‘Azâ u (‘azw) and ‘azá i (‘azy) to trace (back) (s.th. to an origin), ascribe, attribute, impute, owe (s.th. to s.o., to s.th.); to charge, incriminate (with s.th. s.o. or s.th.), blame (for s.th. s.o. or s.th.), lay the blame (for s.th. on s.o., on s.th.); — ‘aziya a (‘azâ’) and ‘azâ u (‘azâ’) to take patience, console o.s. II to persuade (s.o.) to bear with equanimity (or s.th., the death of s.o. or the loss of s.th.), comfort, console (s.o. over), give comfort, express one’s sympathy, offer one’s condolences (to s.o.) V to take patience; to console o.s. (for) VII to console o.s. (with), find solace (in) VIII to trace (back) one’s descent (to).