Najâ u (najw, najâ’, najâh) to save o.s., be saved, be rescued, make for safety, get away (from), escape (, be delivered (from) | (bi-nafsihi) or (bi-ruhihi) to save o.s. (from); (bi-hayatihi) to save one’s life, save one’s skin; — (najw, najwan) to entrust a secret (to s.o.) II and IV to deliver, save, rescue, bring to safety (s.o., from) III to whisper (to s.o., entrust (to s.o. secret), take into one’s confidence (s.o.), confide (in s.o.) | (naji nafsahu) to soliloquize, talk to o.s., say to o.s. VI to whisper to each other, carry on a whispered conversation, converse intimately, confidentially, exchange secrets, exchange ideas VIII to whisper into each other’s ear ( X to save o.s. (from), escape (; to be delivered (from).