Qadâ i (qadâ’) to settle (; to finish, terminate, conclude, end, close, wind up, complete, consummate, accomplish, achieve (; to carry out, execute, perform, effectuate (; to fulfill (a request), comply (with); to do, perform (one’s duty); to gratify (a wish), provide (for a need), satisfy, meet, answer, discharge (a demand, a claim); to pay, settle (a debt); to spend, pass (time); to die; to fix, appoint, determine, decree, decide, rule (, that); (of God) to foreordain, predestine; to judge, get as judge, decide judicially (between two litigants); to pass or pronounce judgment (in favor of s.o.; against s.o.); to sentence, condemn (s.o. to), impose, inflict (upon s.o. a penalty); to impose or enjoin as a duty (upon s.o.; to make necessary or requisite (for s.o., require s.o. to do, compel, force (s.o. to do; to demand, require, necessitate (, call for; to root out, extirpate, annihilate, exterminate (s.o.,; to kill, do in (s.o.), do away (with s.o., with, put an end (to; to thwart, foil, frustrate ( | (qadá ajalahu) to pass away, die; (qadá al-‘ajaba min) to be full of amazement at, be very astonished at; (qadá nahbahu) to fulfill one’s vow; to pass away, die; (qadá watarahu) to attain one’s aim or end, see one’s wish fulfilled; (qadá al-amr) the matter is decided and done with, the die is cast; qudiya amruhu and qudiya ‘alayhi it’s all over with him, he’s a goner II to carry out, execute, perform, effectuate ( III to summon before a judge, bring before a court of justice, arraign (s.o.); to prosecute, sue (s.o.), take legal action, bring suit (against s.o.); to demand (from s.o. payment of, call in (from s.o. V to be finished, completed; to pass, go by, elapse, expire, run out (time) VI to litigate, carry on a lawsuit; to demand (; or from s.o. payment of; from s.o., call in (, or from s.o.), claim (for remuneration), lay claim (to; to get, receive (from s.o., also from, esp. money owed, emolument) VII to be completed, be finished, be done, be terminated, be concluded, come to an end, cease, stop; to pass, go by, elapse, expire, run out (time); to have expired, have elapsed be over, be past (time) VIII to demand: claim, exact, require (from s.o.; to make necessary, make requisite, necessitate, require ( X to demand, claim, exact, require (from s.o.